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Lifting without surgery at the Almond Tree Wellness Spa, Crowne Plaza Vilamoura.

Algarvist went to the Almond Tree Wellness Spa to experience an “Aroma Radiance” facelift by Aromatherapy Associates.



The Almond Tree Wellness Spa belongs to the mythical Crowne Plaza Vilamoura Hotel, in the Algarve. It is a complete wellness, beauty and health space spread over two floors designed for the evasion of body, mind and soul.


Upstairs is the indoor pool area with hydromassage and water jets from where you can see the line of sand and the Atlantic Ocean. Submerged in the indoor pool or the vitality pool, another surprise awaits: the impressive mural by Brazilian artist Poty Lazzaroto dedicated to the historical relationship between the Portuguese people and the sea.



On the underground floor awaits a mysterious and cosy space with various treatment rooms, rest areas, reception, changing rooms and the thermal circuit area with sauna and hammam.



Invited by the Crowne Plaza Vilamoura Hotel, Algarvist went to try two luxury facials that integrate the new menu of treatments signed by the leading British spa brand, Aromatherapy Associates London. I was lucky enough to try a special treatment indicated for the small wrinkles on the face. I tried a facial with a lifting effect that combines the application of electrical micro stimulation therapy with various creams rich in jambu jambu and sodium hyaluronate, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. My husband delighted in a facial specifically for men’s skin.



I was delighted with the interior ambience of the Almond Tree Wellness Spa, a cosy setting with indirect lights, candles, natural wood applications, Venetian stucco walls in earth tones, oriental fixtures and aromatic flowers. In every nook and cranny you can breathe in the aromas of the Aromatherapy Associates essential oils. In harmony with the name of the spa and the Algarvian culture, at the entrance to the reception area there is a tree of light in the shape of an almond tree in blossom.


After a warm welcome and an aromatic ginger, cinnamon and lemon tea, the receptionist explained the treatments and asked us to fill in a brief questionnaire about our physical and emotional health. This phase, compared to the anamnesis, is used by therapists to adapt the protocol of treatments and essential oils to the client’s physical and emotional health needs.


Ultimate Aroma Radiance Lift 90′ by Aroma Lift System

Don’t be alarmed by this complicated name. It’s just the title of the lifting facial, a 90-minute non-invasive treatment for tired skin in need of revitalisation. It can be performed by women and men over 35 as a preventive procedure, or by older people to achieve the lifting effect. The results are visible immediately after the treatment and are accentuated during the following days. My skin is smoother and hydrated and I could almost swear that the small (and cherished) wrinkles around my lips have disappeared. Naturally, this treatment doesn’t promise permanent results, but it visibly improves the skin’s appearance, giving a more youthful and rested look. Therapist Marina Dias explained to me that to achieve more lasting results, it’s necessary to perform this procedure once a week and for at least four or five sessions, depending on the skin’s condition.


How does a facelift work?

The truth is, when I heard I was going to try a facial with electrodes, I was a little apprehensive. However, I have to say that you hardly feel any electrical tension, just a slight tickle sometimes. The Ultimate Aroma Radiance Lift facial combines techniques to stimulate the body’s natural bio-electrical pulses through gentle micro-currents. The technique aims to help the skin absorb the creams ingredients and stimulate facial muscles. The result is a firmed and toned skin, with a visible reduction of expression wrinkles.


During 90 minutes, therapist Marina Dias alternated between the application of creams and lotions with different active ingredients and properties, manual massage techniques and stimulation with electric spheres of the “Aroma Lift System”. The formula of the products applied includes jambu jambu and sodium hyaluronate to smooth the skin and fill in wrinkles, vitamin C which brightens and increases vitality, magnesium to tone the facial muscles and zinc to deeply cleanse and soothe. I especially liked the different sensory stations of the treatment: the therapist used aromatherapy mists, music and alternating dimmed and dimmed lights to create moments of pure evasion. I also highlight the quality of the electric couch, heated and one of the most comfortable I’ve tried. The price of the Ultimate Aroma Radiance Lift facial in low season is 95 euros and in high season is 105 euros. The treatment unfolds in different movements with different rhythms and symphonies:


  • Welcome rituals
  • Manual cleansing and toning of the skin
  • Enzymatic exfoliation with the application of the “Polishing Essential Enzyme Peel” and a brief cranial massage with the Frankincense “De-Stress” essential oil
  • Microcirculation with electric spheres and rose moisturizing tepid mask
  • Drainage of the lymphatic system with the electric spheres, using slow movements
  • Lifting phase 1 and phase 2 through stimulation of the skin with electric spheres and with different electric frequencies. (This is when you feel the face tickle!)
  • Intense moisturizing and Micro-hydration with application of “Skin Booster” and “Bioletric Gel
  • Application of an anti-ageing mask “Anti-aging Overnight Repair” and during the pose time, a shoulder and neck massage with facial oil
  • Application of a serum and a protector with gauze. This is followed by high frequency massage circles to avoid infections.
  • Application of final eye contour cream, specific serum and moisturising cream.

Believe me, after all this, not only was my skin more beautiful, but even my soul was radiant!

. .



Some of the steps in the “Ultimate Aroma Radiance Lift 90′ by Aroma Lift System” facial by Aromatherapy Associates


The Refinery” men’s facial

Meanwhile and in another treatment room, my husband tried “The Refinery” men’s facial. For 60 minutes, therapist Leia de Freitas performed a facial treatment aimed at deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin. The treatment protocol includes massages and reflexology on the face, neck, shoulders, décolleté and head with revitalising oils and botanical extracts. This facial uses Aromatherapy Associates’ “The Refinery” line of men’s products, whose main ingredients are lavender, geranium and peppermint. This is a facial with exfoliation, extraction of impurities with prior application of steam, facial reflexology and a foot and hand massage during the moisturising mask pose. The price of the men’s facial in low season is 75 euros and in high season 85 euros.



Balance between the joy of children and the peace of those seeking silence

The Almond Tree Wellness Spa is open for families with children up to and including 12 years old only at a certain time of day: from 11am to 3pm. During the rest of the time the spa becomes a temple of peace and tranquillity. As we all know, children are naturally happy and expansive, they like to splash around and have fun in the pools. However, this joyful buzz does not always suit those who come looking for absolute peace. The Almond Tree Wellness Spa has circumvented this “conflict of interests” in the best way, by establishing fixed times for families with children or just for adults, everyone can enjoy this space. What’s more, the spa’s architecture unfolds over two floors, so if you book your massage at the same time as the kids’ spa don’t worry, the treatment rooms are downstairs and have luxury finishes, with soundproofed doors and walls. Everybody happy.


Special Promotions

If you live in the Algarve or spend time in this, Portugal’s sunniest region, you should know that the Almond Tree Wellness Spa has a programme for regular clients with a membership card that allows access to the spa, thermal circuit and indoor pools and also gives interesting discounts on massages and treatments.


If you come to the central Algarve for a holiday, I highly recommend the Almond Tree Wellness Spa. After all, these moments dedicated to mental escape and bodily well-being are essential for our inner balance and can prevent or mitigate psychosomatic problems.You can check the list of treatments in this link.


For more information and reservations:

T: +351 925906699

T: +351 289 381 600

F: +351 289 381 652


Address: Crowne Plaza Vilamoura – Algarve

Rua do Oceano Atlântico, 8125-478 Vilamoura – Portugal




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