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The Spa L14 and hot stone massage. Pure delirium.

Have you always wanted to know what a hot stone massage feels like? Would you like to know the inside scoop on the charms of Spa L14? Come on, Algarvist went to know and experience the facilities of this health and wellness space and tells you all the details.



The L14 Spa belongs to the five-star tourist resort Nau Salgados Dunas Suites located on Salgados Beach in Albufeira, Algarve. The Spa is located in a separate building with reception and parking, which facilitates access for those who are not staying in the hotel complex, and yet remains accessible and comfortable for those who chose Salgados Dunas Suites to spend a well-deserved holiday. The Nau Hotels chain acquired this complex about two years ago, and since then it has been a destination for quality tourists and national celebrities, such as the beautiful actress Fernanda Serrano. Spa L14 is part of the prestigious range of Beauty and Wellness Spas of Nau Hotels, which also includes the Atlântico Spa, the Relax Centre and the Salgados Palace Spa located in the Algarve, the Vintage Spa in Lisbon, and the Spa do Lago in the Alentejo.



The Spa L14  is on the first floor of a building with modern architecture, where polished cement, steel and crystal dominate, although they have managed to preserve a certain Mediterranean warmth. The large windows let in the Algarve sunlight and the tropical waves of the palm trees which embellish the main avenue of the Herdade dos Salgados. The interior decoration is quite simple and stripped down, reminiscent of industrial lofts, but with some charming touches such as designer furniture, silver leather details, blue velvet curtains and zen niches with white stones.


At the invitation of Spa L14 the Algarvist and went to experience a Spa Experience for two, with signature massages. Upon arrival we were welcomed by the friendly smile of Marisa Luz , who took us on a tour to discover the different resorts and treatment rooms. The L14 Spa is small in size but has several functions: a Scottish shower room, two individual treatment rooms, a hydromassage room, a room for couple treatments, a beauty room, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, a relaxation area with comfortable chaise-longe and an indoor pool combined with jets and jacuzzi with panoramic views of the palm canopy and the Atlantic horizon.

After the tour it was time to change clothes in the spacious wardrobe. Dressed in my bathrobe and the usual slippers, I met my husband in the rest lounge. Waiting for us were the two therapists, Ms Marina Luz and Ms Laura Nunes to escort us to the couples treatment room. The resort was softly lit in warm tones and adorned with several faint candle lights. The heated environment at a temperature of 26 degrees and the two marquees, side by side, prepared with fresh towels set the scene for the couples treatment. In the air, the sweet scent of lemon grass brought back sensory images of the hot summers of my childhood.


My husband tried a sensorial massage and I indulged in a hot stone treatment especially suitable for those who need to reach a state of deep relaxation. Both massages lasted 50 minutes and were performed at the same time, which is important in a couple treatment so we can share the feeling of well being.


The hot stone massage is performed using basalt stones previously heated in perfumed water, which come into contact with the skin at a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees. This is a deep massage, with friction movements and the application of heat that helps dissolve muscle stiffness and relieve pain. After the general kneading and gliding over the large muscles, the therapist performs a more thorough massage with different levels of pressure and using heat to stimulate the body. I can guarantee that it is an absolutely wonderful treatment.




So what is a Hot Stone Massage like?

Lying on my stomach I felt the therapist placing elaborate rolls with towels to elevate my feet and legs. The treatment protocol began with an upward massage with grapeseed oil from my feet to my upper legs. The stones are placed between the therapist’s hands and the skin, offering a very pleasant warm and firm touch. The slow friction movements with medium pressure relax the muscle fibres, improve the blood circulation and have a draining effect on the lymphatic system. The pressure of the therapist’s hands is enhanced by the gentle but incisive rolling of the stones, which stimulate and distribute heat. The sensation is one of evasion and tranquillity and the sensory experience is enhanced by soft Tibetan music.




The second phase of treatment focused on the back, neck, shoulders and arms. After relaxing the large muscles such as the dorsal, lumbar and trapezius, my therapist started to do precision work on the small muscles in the back, such as the rhomboids and paravertebrae, amongst others. A feeling of serenity invaded us from the outside.


Halfway through the session, I was asked to lie on my stomach and take a few deep breaths in. At that moment, the therapist sprinkled a mist of lemon grass over my face, stimulating all my senses. Lemongrass is a sweet-scented citrus herb used in aromatherapy for its microbial qualities, to relieve tension and revitalise the mind.


She then returned to massage, focusing now on the upper feet and legs. This was followed by arms and hands, shoulders, décolleté and neck. The pressure of the stones on areas strained by daily work in front of the computer, awoke a myriad of dormant sensations. The experience ended with a mini facial and cranial massage with light pressure from the basalt pebbles and neck stretches. Paradoxically, the 50-minute massage rushed by, yet when I stood up I felt like an eternity had passed, such was the state of peace achieved.



My husband’s massage ended exactly at the same time as mine and we went, still a bit dazed, to rest for a few minutes on the relaxing chaise longe. Waiting for us there was a romantic treat from Nau Hotels group: a cinnamon tea with lemon juice and a board with colourful macarrons, strawberries with chocolate, chocolates and forest fruits… a delight! Before we left, I couldn’t resist taking a dip in the heated pool and splashing between the bubbling waves in the jacuzzi… I felt happy as a small child!



Prices and Conditions

The hot stone massage is priced at 80 euros per person, however it was on promotion for 64 euros. An excellent offer! The use of the Spa Circuit is only allowed to people over 16 years old. Every month they have special promotions that can be consulted through the hotel’s website:


Spa L14 has an extensive list of Signature Massages, Anti-stress Treatments, Slimming & Firming Wraps, Personalised Detoxifying Facials and Specific Treatments for Men.


For more information and reservations:

Spa L14

Tel: (+351) 289 244 850

Tlm: (+351) 961 100 785


Address: Spa L14

Herdade dos Salgados, Rua Boca da Alagoa

8200-424 Guia, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

GPS: 37°5’34 “N / 8°19’16.6 “W







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