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The Tivoli Carvoeiro Spa. Hedonistic temple in a unique sea postcard.

I squint my eyes, drunk with sleep and sun, and concentrate on the sea air that rises up the cliff to my room’s balcony. I still have a feeling of well-being in my body and the sweet orange aroma of the massage I’ve just had at the Tivoli Spa.


Give me a hand. Today I take you to discover the new Spa at the Tivoli Carvoeiro Hotel. We will explore this hedonistic temple together, the new space, cabins and an exclusive treatment menu inspired by the aromas of the Algarve flora.


When I stay in a hotel on holiday, even if it’s a weekend getaway, I like to pamper myself with a visit to the Spa. More than a superfluous luxury, alternative therapies, especially relaxation massages, are essential to look after our physical and mental health. This ancient holistic healing ritual is recommended to correct posture, reduce certain muscular pains, balance emotional well-being, reduce stress and can even help improve insomnia.


I am a supporter of hedonism as a therapy to rediscover our inner balance, apart from the obvious physical benefits. And in my case, as I spend most of the day sitting at my computer, the long hours of work end up accumulating in the form of small contractions in my neck, shoulders and back. So, when on my recent visit to Tivoli Carvoeiro I found out they were opening a new Spa, I rushed to make a reservation.


Treatment Cabins for couples at the Tivoli Spa at the Tivoli Carvoeiro hotel


You may not know it yet (read here) but the Tivoli Carvoeiro Hotel was fully renovated this year and opened, just over two months ago, a new Wellness and Spa Centre under the Tivoli Spa brand. I went to visit this space on my very first day of my stay, because I really needed to relax.



The Tivoli Spa is on the 4th floor of the hotel, where, before the big renovation, the breakfast room was located. Today, the space is unrecognisable. It has two individual treatment cabins and two cabins for couples with a luxury bathtub, a gym, sauna and Turkish bath, changing rooms, relaxation lounge, a zen garden with century-old olive trees and a reception.



Treatment menus include massages with various inspirations, facials and even beauty treatments. Reading the treatment menu I was tempted to try everything, but decided on a Tivoli signature massage. This therapy includes a 90-minute session of body massage, exfoliation, stretching and relaxation rituals.


Finnish Sauna at Spa Tivoli Carvoeiro


I was welcomed at the Spa reception with the aroma of the essential oils and the friendly smile of the therapists. They asked me to fill in a health questionnaire and in it inform about my physical sensitivities (if it hurts more there or there), energy level and mood. [I’m a bit of a pragmatist about these things but I find it funny being asked about my energy level, so I got into the game and ticked the “so-so” box]. While answering questions I was offered an infusion and explained that they use Irish brand Voya products with seaweed extracts and the Aroma and Nature brand in their facial and body treatments.


Reception at Spa Tivoli Carvoeiro


Priscila Prata, my therapist, escorted me in silence to the treatment cabin, walking down an illuminated corridor to the sound of Zen music. It seems extraordinary how the Spas decorators are able to think of the combination of aromas, lights, textures and sounds in order to take us sensorially on an exotic journey.



The treatment cabin was prepared with a bed covered with fluffy towels, soft lights, soft music and the same wellbeing scent. The cream, ochre and brown tones of the mosaics, the counter and the wall harmonise perfectly, creating an ambiance that invites relaxation.

Porches earthenware dishes in the welcome ritual


Foot scrub with orange peel


The therapist directed me to the private bathroom to change. I was surprised with the space of this bathroom with shower, bigger than my office. Already equipped with a fluffy dressing gown, I went back to the cabin room where the Tivoli Spa welcome ritual began, the foot washing and exfoliation. This ancient ritual, inspired in several biblical passages or in monarchy protocols, demonstrates the humility of the host and makes the traveller feel in a safe haven. My feet were dipped in warm water in a bowl of typical Porches earthenware, a village in the Algarve known for its pottery and hand-painted crockery. The therapist performed a foot scrub with sea salts, orange peel and grape seed essence, using gentle circular movements. The Tivoli Spa concept involves choosing aromas and products from local flora, hence the choice of Algarve sweet orange oil.


Therapeutic massage

After the welcoming ritual a full body massage with sweet orange oil followed, starting with a back exfoliation with ginger paste and crushed orange peel. The massage protocol started at the feet and legs, gradually ascending through the lumbar and back to reach the shoulders and neck. The movements of the trained hands alternated between kneading, friction with greater or lesser intensity, stretching and pressure on tension points. I must confess there were moments of pain, but once the therapist managed to resolve the knots of accumulated tension in the trigger points, I felt the muscles relaxing.


The treatment continued on the front and ended with a head massage. I especially enjoyed the final stretches of the neck, where they wrapped my head in a warm towel and performed gentle rocking movements. At the end of the massage, I felt light and was invited to rest for a few minutes in the lounge with an infusion of herbs and dried fruits served in traditional Porches crockery. But the real well-being came when I returned to the room and let myself fall asleep to the sound of the waves breaking? What better way to start a holiday?




Surprise for Couples

Be sure to try this unique place on your next holiday or getaway in the Algarve. Prices vary according to duration and type of treatment, but for your guidance, a 60 minute massage is affordable from 95 euros. The Tivoli Spa’s treatment menu includes a number of holistic experiences from sensory journeys, couples massages, facials, body scrubs, warm mud wraps and herbals. Perhaps the most exclusive treatment is an experience for two in a Vip Spa Suite, where in addition to the chosen massage, you can enjoy a bubble bath, rose petals and a bottle of champagne. We all need a moment of rest and why not live it as a couple?


For further information and bookings, please consult:

Tivoli Carvoeiro Hotel


Telephone: (+351) 218 507 708

Category: 5 Stars


Photographic credits: Algarvist



Photo credits: Algarvist


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